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About Soul Bullet Entertainment

Soul Bullet Entertainment is the home of our flagship series “Sons of Darkness”.  Soul Bullet is a comic and graphic novel self-publisher which resides in Nashville TN. Founded in 2014, by Creator and COO Marcus Currie. Soul Bullet titles currently include Sons of Darkness, upcoming titles include Soul Bullet Presents, a series of collected shot stories revolving around current and new characters in the Soul Bullet Universe.

Soul Bullet Entertainment will also be featuring indie creator owned titles starting with online PDF downloads with options for printed copies also.

ABOUT THE STORY – Sons of Darkness

Before the concept of time a war raged throughout the universe between the ruling darkness and the coming light. As this conflict reached its climatic ferocity it was the bringer of light that used a weapon of his own making, “the stone of creation” to win victory and illuminate the vast darkness of space. It was at this moment time was created, giving being to everything that was and is to come into existence.

However, this great weapon was destroyed in an act of betrayal by his most trusted commander and warrior who secretly  had made a pact with the dark enemy. He shattered the stone across the lower realm and for this act of treachery he was cast out of the heavens of light.

Upon the creation of man there was a time of paradise that we have come to know as Eden. Some called it a garden but it was much more than that. The one that was cast out watched and waited from afar for he was witnessed to secrets that he would one day use to return the darkness into this new world of light.

We only know her as the Seer, a young woman that was given the burden and responsibility to find the few remaining stones of light. The darkness had returned and was gathering up the shattered pieces of this great weapon.

The young Seer has sworn to protect the remaining stones which have been named the gatestones from stories passed down over time. In her quest to fulfill this task she will seek out and be aided by several unknowing warriors that must come together if their world has any hopes of being spared from the coming darkness.

The question she continues to ask herself and the voice that whispers to her is why did Eve fall… was it really the one that was cast out whom corrupted her, or was there something else…

The Sons of Darkness are lead by an unknown shadow, they have gathered all but five remaining pieces of the great stone. They are hunting down the remaining stones and nothing will stand in their path.  Their intentions are unknown for what would darkness do with a weapon of light and why is one biblical object so important to them…

In the coming future a final war will be waged for the fate of all humanity and perhaps the universe itself.

The Seer finds some consolation in knowing the Paladin of the Holy Trinity fights by her side. She silently prays this will be enough for if not all may be lost forever.

The Sons of Darkness once again walk upon this earth and it will never be the same.