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Big Bang Makeover

This is very big news because it makes us redefine our viewpoints on what we have been told for so long now. Its not surprising to hear these types of ground breaking theories and we shouldn’t be overly shocked because this happens all the time. As more research is performed and data is collected on various subjects we often find that previous hypothesis may not hold up to current research and data that are now available today. The same will be the case in say twenty years from now on something.

To ponder the universe has always been here since forever is staggering to say the least, trying to wrap your head around that one is somewhat difficult. Partly because we tend to put things in a box making it easier for us to understand. We are linear beings so that is how we view most all things around us, a beginning and an ending.

At the heart of the matter is a simple fact, we don’t know the origin of the universe ¬†and may never come to that fruition but it doesn’t mean you stop searching or believing.


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