Sons of Darkness The Seer… Reflections

Sons of Darkness The Seer… Reflections

Reflections.. The Seer Speaks

My life wasn’t always like this, it was only yesterday that I ran through fields of daisies and dandelions with my brothers and sisters.

My brothers tended to the herds with the male elders, while my sisters and I trained to prepare for the burden of first sight. I never suspected this legacy would fall to me, or truly understood the responsibility it would carry for so many families yet to be born.

So many will bare the burden that is yet to come. Families ripped apart, scars that will never fully heal await them. This horror looms in the shadows of the darkest nights; it has no mercy, nor compassion for the pain it will invoke upon them, and this earth.

Yet, they are the unknowing champions that I have foreseen, long before their births into this world. The Crusaders that will stand united unto their deaths in service as protectors of this planet and mankind.

Soon now for me, these eyes will close for the last time. This body of mine has reached its end, too long if the truth be told. Yet, for one… time will be most cruel as the war within fully consumes the burning soul asunder.

Long have I done battle with the Sons of Darkness, keeping the remaining gatestones from their grasp, as I attempted to uncover the true antagonist behind the fall of man’s first parents?  To that end I only have theories that will be passed down to the next sooth seer.

Now, before these windows to the soul close for the last time, I will fuse with the stone and attempt to penetrate the defenses of the true Master behind the Sons of Darkness. I will leave them with a deserving reckoning. This world has a Paladin of the Holy Trinity, whom will seek you out and end this game of death and fear.

Hear me clearly, you that hide outside of time and space, your day of reckoning is fast approaching.  The next seer will be far more powerful than I. The Paladin and his crusaders will champion this world.

They will drive you and your Sons of Darkness from this earth forever and through our eyes, I will witness your fall.

Yes… I see now. I see your world out of time.

I see those hellish red eyes of evil…



Reflections… Last words of a true Heroine

The Seer Speaks…

old woman reflection 1


Cloaked Figure “Time to and End”

The sweet nectar of the darkness, soon now this world will once again belong to its rightful masters. You believe space was void of life in the swirling of creation, but we were always here. My ancestors ruled in the darkness our empire stretched across the vastness of universes.

Then he came and burned the edges of the universe with his weapon of light, leaving them hung throughout the darkness of space. The ones you call angels stood by their side, destroying my kind driving us from our rightful home and rule. Yes it’s true, my kind was forced from this universe or so they thought. You see… not all whom are in the light wish to be and this will be their undoing and I will be yours dear Paladin.
I know there shameful secret for I was there, witness to the deeds they committed in the name of the light. Their sins are on your hands, you’ll not be able to wash them clean nor will you escape my wrath. For when next we meet I will take from you… all.

I will pluck from your lifeless body the gatestone and with it the Sons of Darkness move one step closer to its ultimate goal.
Each battle has been but a test, now the war between us is fully engaged and this world will soon belong to us. I have taken your measure my adversary and soon I will give you the gift of mine. You will see that hope holds no place for you or those you have sworn to protect.

And your soul, well …someone has claimed it you see… ha…ha…..ha….ha….ha…ha…
Cloaked Figure
Sons of Darkness
Light of Darkness Chapter II
Book One


The Paladin “A Time of War”

During the turbulent times of the Crusades I was chosen to be the vigilant watcher of man. Over the centuries I’ve seen the rise of great evils, brought on by the shadows that overcast the night.
But none more so than what I encountered in the deep jungles of Africa. Many a time have I fought and vanquished these dark ones, but this… this was different.
A power that… dare I admit rivaled my very own. A towering leviathan cloaked in a woven garment. His eyes were not like any I have encountered. His long dark razor nails were able to cut into I’EL… the sword has never screamed in such a manner since my time wielding it.
This was but a brief first encounter a war will be waged between us in the coming of time. I sense the quickening of the darkness fast approaching. The end game is upon us, the Sons of Darkness are coming.
I am the Paladin of the Holy Trinity and if I need lay waste to half a world in order to save the other half, then so be it, let them come.
This is war…
Sons of Darkness
Light of Darkness Chapter II
Book Onepaladin-knight

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  1. Sophia Grillo July 1, 2015 at 5:18 pm - Reply

    Sons of Darkness Cloaked Figure Time to and End | Soul bullet
    entertainment really showed your insights in this topic.

    • July 2, 2015 at 3:06 pm - Reply

      Thanks Sophia, stay tuned as we explore the background and thoughts of the Seer. On the road for the last few weeks, really enjoying meeting so many cool and wonderful people and fans. Due to the great response from book one I am turning this into a 1-8 limited series with a Graphic Novel to follow. Issue two is scheduled to release in August.

      Happy 4th.


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