Con Nooga Update

Con Nooga Update


Well, we kicked off the season with a trip to Con Nooga this past weekend. Really nice to get back out there and shake off the rust. Really enjoyed engaging with new fans and running into some old friends as well. Great conversations with so many wonderful people, can’t say enough about the vendors around me, they were so awesome.

A note of interest to me was a young girl who came by my table and chatted for a bit. She told me she was in the 7th grade and how she loved her new school. She went on to tell me that she had to repeat a grade because she changed schools in mid year. In replying, I said that is fine,  she cut me off and said I am very smart. I changed schools because I was bullied at school and a girl choked me down. She went on to say how much she loves her new school and is doing well fitting in.

I saw in her eyes the pain of that incident and the joy of being in a new place where she felt accepted. I told her how proud of her I was and to keep doing great in school, and she could be and do anything she wanted in life. She smiled and waved goodbye.

Why I do this:

  1. To be in a position to give a kind word and support to someone.
  2. To witness the hopes and dreams of so many. Sometimes it’s just about listening.
  3. A voice to speak out about issues we have all faced or have to deal with in some form or another.

Not sure what is being taught at home but when a 7th grader tells me that kind of story what echos to me is we have to do better. Better with our children, better in our communities, better in our parenting, better in being good stewards of each other. That kind of behavior is unacceptable to the brightest lights of creation, we must do better!

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