Planet Comic Con 2018 Kansas City

Planet Comic Con 2018 Kansas City

I wanted to take this opportunity and give a very big thank you to all the awesome fans and new found friends we made at Planet Comic Con this year. This was our kickoff Con for the 2018 season and it was a blast. Can’t say enough about the Con and how well every aspect of the event was done, super job by the entire staff in putting this event together. What a blast making some new friends along the way, and seeing some friends on the road. Richard Thor is a super cool artist and was fun to table next beside. Some great illustrators were on hand, Brandewyn Gill, inker, Mostafa Mouss, SKS Props just to name a few amazing talented people I had the pleasure of meeting.

Big thanks to Zane, Kitty, Sarahann,  Anthony, Chuck, and so many more for stopping by our booth and chatting with us. I truly hope everyone enjoys the books and will be looking forward to the next installment of Sons of Darkness book four titled “Grail of Darkness”. It is sure to be an all out action filled high octane adventure with Magnum The Druid Warrior and the very first appearance of Black Reign, the underworlds deadliest assassin. Oh.. did I mention loads of vampires?

Kevin, that backstory on Quelea is coming your way this week, with a little surprise for you Sir!

Thanks to everyone, you made this event such a memorable one for us.

Dare to dream



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