The Scottish Born Hero Mace goes pink in support of Breast Cancer in 2018 Short Story

The Scottish Born Hero Mace goes pink in support of Breast Cancer in 2018 Short Story

Last year I decided to support the breast cancer foundation and do what I could to raise awareness. My idea was for Soul Bullet to go pink in 2017 with our custom pink baseball cap and raise money in support of the foundation. I also made a promise to write a story featuring a Soul Bullet character facing or dealing with Breast Cancer. My idea was to have this story completed by late summer of 2018. Once completed, I will do a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for printing cost. When we reach that goal, I will have the books printed and ready for direct distribution through our website and hopefully two other major sources.

In my mind’s eye I have been wondering the questions of who, where, when, and why? I didn’t have a character in mind at all when this first came to me. Where would this story take place? When is this going to happen. What time frame, as it relates to the Soul Bullet Universe? Why, is often the first question we asked ourselves when facing life changing issues.

As the wheels began to turn in my mind for the last six months or so, the creative process started to take shape, though I truly have no concept of how it really formed. Only random thoughts every so often, more questions than anything else it seemed. Then came Mace, a character that had been pondered upon as a sub-character for the Sons of Darkness titles, just a filler role at best, right?

I began to pull her to the center of my thoughts; however, it was her pulling me into hers. Mace came into full view and had now established herself to me, and the creation continued to form and take shape. Once her backstory was somewhat laid out with a supporting cast somewhat visible to me we began to work on her looks. Well, once again Mace revealed herself to me and the creation continued. I enlisted the help of illustrator Hana Kura to give shape to this new character creation, and Mace flew into the SBU.

In the coming weeks and months, I will lay out more of the story as it unfolds to me. Mace and her family will come face to face with true life issues that impact so many of us daily.

Even heroes fall to their knees when the weight of life sets upon them. It’s during these times our resolve reveals true character.

In loving support and prayer for all the many persons, families, and friends who support those going through life’s changes.

To be continued.


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