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White Hawk

Michael Longstreet, Antique collector by day  avenging archer  by night.  The high flying White Hawk has carved a path of destruction throughout the underworld, drawing the attention of the SDDS and the Sons of Darkness.

Abilities: Marksman / Tracking skills / Enhanced stamina / Rapid healing abilities / Enhanced strength / Able to see the mystical world / Uncanny reflexes



Soul Eater

Soul Eater, perhaps the most feared member of the Sons of Darkness, this creature is pure evil. The consumption of a dark soul is quite tantalizing, but a soul of light is like partaking in a majestic buffet. One can become so full…


The Seer

The seer, sworn to protect the gatestones is a fierce sorceress and warrior.
The gift of sight is passed down to the female decedents of Adam.

Evangelist Sal Arterue 


Mr. Arterue, has amassed a fortune of wealth deriving from his Saint Andrews Worship Centers and various world wide real estate holdings.

Abilities: Charming / Dynamic Speaker / Billionaire



Father Gregory




General Seth



Corpse Eater


Cloaked Figure






Magnum: The Druid Warrior


Caleb Jenkins: “Bible Boy”








The Paladin of the Holy Trinity