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Currently we are in the final phase of production for Sons of Darkness book three titled Into the Darkness. The PDF version will be available for downloadable purchase in the coming weeks.

The Soul Bullet Presents series is a collection of four to five short stories expanding upon the Soul Bullet Universe, featuring various characters and stand alone stories that loosely tie into the Sons of Darkness series. Our first story titled Redemptions Winter is in the lettering stage currently. Illustrations for this short story was done by Alexandre Caron. The Paladin (Sons of Darkness Series) makes a guest appearance in this short revealing some background history of himself and the main character The Phantom Knight. This short story arc leads into the upcoming Graphic Novel titled Winters Fire.

Other short stories featured in the upcoming Soul Bullet Presents series include Elementary of Darkness, Creation “Wisdom tells the story of the war between the Light and the Dark”. Savage Dawn Featuring White Hawk.